African Mango Max 900 ™ - Maximum effective weight loss
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African Mango 900  is a high quality product developed with particular care and on the basis of only natural ingredients.  In African Mango 900 ™ you will find no artificial fillers or any harmful substances. Our preparation contains a highly concentrated extract from African mango seeds, which is a guarantee of quality, and  rapid and lasting weight loss results.


You can find up to 900 mg of pure extract of mango fruit in a daily dose!


According to scientific research, published in the British Biotechnology Journal, an extract from the seeds of African mango is a great fat burner. Dietary supplements based on African mango help to lose weight, even in case of people who do not combine a slimming diet with physical activity. Currently, the extract from African mango seeds is available in a form of a tablet – a dietary supplement for weight loss. Summary of the best medications of this type, see: Ranking of slimming tablets containing African mango .
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